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Couple of photos of different types of wasp nest.

quite difficult to see due to were they landed but is a honey bee swarm after they had settled down waiting to find a new home, collected these and re hived.

container in the attic of a property under an Electronic Fly Killer (EFK) that i installed due to over wintering flies, this was 3 weeks after installation. This was emptied and replaced.

same property as above 1 month later.

what you see here is a rat flap installed in the sewer to a property that we knew the rats were entering from the sewer, there was no disruption to the flow and would have been very expensive to find and remedy so home owner chose this option and has had no repeat problems.

this plastic air vent is common to new builds, problem is they are no barrier to rats/mice from gnawing through to enter the property, there were two other vents at the same property that had been gnawed through

i installed this type of guard to all air bricks around the base of the property, there are different types available that blend in better, i have also installed these guards at other levels at properties as the vents are ideal for queen wasps to enter and build her nest in the cavity 

beginnings of a wasp nest, the queen creates this herself and lays a single egg in each of the open cells that you can see in the centre, once these have completed the cycle and new workers emerge they will then start to enlage the nest and the queen will spend the rest of the summer purely egg laying.

same nest as the one above but just caught the queen after laying an egg into one of the cells.

Asked to control a wild rabbit that was damaging a garden, had live cage traps down for 5 days checked daily no rabbits, day 6 this wild polecat caught (no wonder i never caught the rabbit)

Call out to scratching noises in a down stairs bathroom, once i had removed the side panel of the bath this greeted me, by the amount of droppings they had been there a while.

Same job as above, the blue stuff is the wall insulation that they had been gnawing at.

Some of the more unusual call outs that i've had.

Young grass snake that entered a care home, caught and released back into the wild.

Muntjac fawn happly asleep in a bed of leaves.

If you happen to come across this situation best advise is to leave alone, mother has placed it where she knows its safe and will come back to feed it.

I set a camera trap to observe and she kept it there feeding for 3 days before moving to a new site.

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